Barbarian:  This makes very little sense, as you are the citizen of a major city wher eyou have spent the bulk of your life.

Bard  This is an excellent choice as Bards have numerous skills and a natural interest in exploration and discovery.  Your Bard would have some training in the Halls of Magic, though not to the same degree as a wizard.

Cleric: While this might seem an unusual choice for an explorer, a Cleric of Perun would see the mission of reclaiming lost territory and potentially unearthing holy relics to be of importance to the Faith.

Druid: This makes very little sense, as you are the citizen of a major city wher eyou have spent the bulk of your life.

Fighter: A fighter is always a good choice to play.  They are hardy and can give and take more damage than most.  They also have some room for customization without getting as complicated as other classes.

Monk: The unarmed fighting style and mystic traditions of the monk are one path in Canternavon's College of War.  Monks here train in the Way of the Four Elements or the Way of the Sun Soul.

Paladin: This is an unusual choice for an explorer, but it could work. These holy warriors dedicate themselves to an Oath and an ideal.  Oath of the Crown makes most sense, as you would be working to accomplish the goals of your sovereign, Queen Cymbelene.

Ranger: The skills of a Ranger are well suited for exploration.  Excellent survivalists, trackers, and warriors.  Chances are you have more experience than most outside the walls of Canternavon, and may have even seen some action at one of the nearby Outposts.  I recommend using the revised Ranger from Unearthed Arcana or even the spell-less Ranger — but any choice is good.  

Rogue:  The skills of a Rogue would be a welcome addition to any group.  Sneaky and sly, Rogues have abilities to disable or evade the traps and hazards that one might find in ancient ruins.

Sorcerer: A sorcerer is able to harness arcane power naturally, without the same rigorous training of a Wizard.  They are less popular with instructors in the College of War but still a viable choice.  I would recommend the Draconic or Phoenix bloodline for most.  Stone perhaps, if you choose to be a dwarf.

Warlock: This is not a likely choice, as Warlocks are considered heretics in Canternavon.  If you choose to play a Warlock, the pact of the Undying Light suits the needs of The City and might allow you to blend in with the Priesthood of Perun without any realizing the true source of your power.

Wizard: A wizard can be a challenge to play but has the potential to be very powerful.  As a graduate from the Halls of Magic in the College of War, you are most likely to be an Evoker, Abjurist, or Transmuter.  While Evokers and Abjurists are more common, Transmuters have greater utility for exploration.


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