New Calidor

The colony of New Calidor is only 2 years old and consists largely of a fortified farming town, built upon ruins.  Modeled after Canternavon, agriculture takes place within defensive walls and utilizes all available space, including rooftop gardens, vertical farming, and fruiting trees.

Similar to the tradition of calling Calidor's capital, The City, most refer to the New Calidor's hub as The Town or just Town

Beyond The Town proper, the colony consists of a Logging Camp, a number of forts and towers, and a quarry.

The Town is run by a Lord with the support of a Colony Council representing the interests of the faith, farming, security, industry, and engineering.

It was thought that reclaiming land further north would put the colonists beyond the threat of the Felnorn Wastes.  Rumours abound about what other treats the colony might face, including Blight-Touched beasts, Goblin tribes, sorcerous Fae, or foes from Calidor's long forgotten past. 


New Calidor

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