Queen Cymbelene

Ruler of Calidor


Queen Cymbelene of is the current ruler of Calidor. Her residence is within The Citadel.

As monarch, Queen Cymbelene is the head of the Calidor military. She is known for having strong opinions, and for often pushing past the advice of her High Council.

Under her rule, Queen Cymbelene has pushed for a revival of Calidor culture and territory as well as a recovery of lost lore and lands, where past monarchs have allowed Calidor to settle into a siege mentality with ever-shrinking borders.

Her willingness to enact unpopular strategies has earned her the nickname of Iron Belle, which is spoken in admiration or disgust depending on the speaker.

Five years ago, she commissioned the colony of New Calidor to reclaim lost land and turn back the tide of continual shrinking territory. It took three years to gain support, assign appropriate people to their roles, and organize the expedition that would form the new colony.

Her lineage and family:

Her son, Prince Renard III. Her daughter, Princess Julayne. Her deceased husband, King Renard II.


Queen Cymbelene

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