Battle Mages

Calidor's Battle Mages train in the College of War to become a living weapon in service to the queen.  It is usually in their first year of basic training, around age 5 or 6, that a child might be identified as Gifted with the ability to channel arcane energy from the Weave.  If so, instead of the usual 2 months of basic training, these children are obliged to take up permanent residency, with the understanding it is for the good of the nation.  Upon entrance into the Halls of Magic, new students are given rings upon which they swear binding oaths of service and obedience.

For those blessed or cursed with the raw talent of a Sorcerer, this time is spent honing control and discipline over the wild energies that run through their veins.  Although not explicitly stated, all students understand at some point that their teachers prefer the traditional methodology of the Wizard — who learns to bend the reality of the Weave through study and ritual.  

Needless to say The College of War despises Warlocks, those who gain arcane power through questionable pacts with powerful beings.  This tradition is seen as heretical and, has been nearly stamped out through brutal witch hunts and the Church of Dorn's Inquisitors.

Both Wizard and Sorcerer can earn the title of Battle Mage — some as early as 16 years old and most by 20.  Not all are seen as fit for the responsibility and not all survive the training.  Those that do are given a new ring and a new oath that releases them from the Halls of Magic.  Their oaths now bind them to the service of Calidor, its Royalty, and any superior officer — to be called upon as needed in The War.

While the College's repository of arcane scrolls, tablets, and books contain rituals and incantations from all branches of magic — none get so much use as Invocation and Abjuration — noted for their utility on the battlefield.

Battle Mages

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