Goblin is a broad term used by the humans of Estea to describe a green skinned tribal people.  They refer to themselves as Fathachi, which include Goblins, Orcs, Hoboblins, and Bugbears.

Goblins are semi-nomadic and live on the edges of civilization.  They are not known to cultivate crops and most have only rudimentary smithing skills.  Many stories describe them as feral, cruel, and cannibalistic.  To be certain, they often raid human settlements and seem to have no qualms about taking lives.  

Although typically short, adult goblins range in size from about 4 feet to 7 feet with the largest often leading tribal groups.  It is rare for large groups of goblins to unite under a single leader but when they do, the resulting horde often lays waste to the surrounding area.

Known tribes include:

Night Eyes: Goblin skulkers, raiders, and thieves.  The smallest of their kind, they live by their wits and prefer to use hit-and-run tactics to a straight up fight.

Iron Star: Hobgoblin warbands with semi-permanent settlements in some of the ruins.  They have developed smithies and sometimes make agreements with the other goblin tribes in exchange for iron goods.

Black Teeth:  Bugbear thugs.  They are semi-nomadic and move in small family groups, typically in forested areas.  They terrorize smaller humanoids and collect blackened fangs from kobolds and wear them as trophies.  Typically independent, a strong and clever leader occasionally are able to organize them.

Red Tusk:  Nomadic Orc Hunters.  They revere the wild boar, particularly the Giant Boar.  More and more boars seem to be touched by Blight, and some seem to think that the new human settlement is responsible.



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