Your character has been selected as part of a second wave of Colonists to New Calidor. Particularly you are members of a new Guild commissioned by Queen Cymbelene herself, Her Majesty's Royal Explorers.  As such, they have a personal interest in traveling north, away from family and friends and into the unknown.

Is it Knowledge they pursue?  Glory for themselves or others?  Are they driven by Faith or Fear?  What do they leave behind and what do they hope they might find?

The story begins as they set off — leaving a fortified city of 400,000 people to make a home in a town of about 1000.

There are a few choices to make about the character you would like to play that can help you start to imagine them.

What RACE are they?

What CLASS are they?

What is their BACKGROUND?


The Royal Explorers of New Calidor philipstephen