Other Gods

From an orthodox Calidorn perspective, there is only Perun, his saints, servitors, and angelic host of Arkyries.

Few names of other heathen gods are known, but the most popular competition since the Falling of the Shroud is elemental cults and Goddess worship. Druidism of any sort falls into this category.  Forming pacts with beings of power such as Fey, Elementals, or Old Gods is also considered heretical, adding Warlocks to the list of criminal heretics.

These are the names known:

Perun:  True God of the Heavens, Light, Sun, Truth and Fire.

The Goddess:  A contemporary cult since the Falling of the Shroud, with claims of ancient origins.  Similar to Druidism. It is one of the few growing faiths and is seen as a danger to true worship.

Brond: Worshiped by nomadic barbarians to the north, God of Strength, Thunder, and Glory.  Considered a devil, much like his people.

Scatha: Worshiped by sea raiders to the north, thought they have not been seen in decades.  Goddess of Battle, Skill With Blades, and Berserker Fury.  Also considered a fey witch.

Rasheph: Another growing faith, originating in the south.  The Plague Priests of Rasheph are considered fanatics and doomsayers, preaching of the End of Days and cleansing pestilence. Another dangerous cult that needs to be wiped out.

Hadur: Not much more than a name, this is still used as a curse word.  Perhaps a devil that punishes the weak?

There are numerous others that might be encountered by the scholarly or superstitious, but most are considered with fear, hostility or scorn.




Other Gods

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