Canternavon citizenry of close to 400,000 people is about 97% human.  There is some mixed ethnicity as various peoples have migrated and settled over the millennia.  While any appearance is possible, predominantly Calidorns are a fit and lightly tanned people with hair ranging from black to blonde and all shades of eye colour.

When making a Human character I recommend taking the variant version from the Player's Handbook:  

Ability Score Increase: Choose two Ability Scores increase by 1.

Skills: Gain Proficiency in one Skill of your choice.

Feat: Gain one feat of your choice.


Although few humans remember the details, Calidor allied with dwarves against elves in some forgotten war in the early days after the Falling of the Shroud.  Some dwarven diplomats, soldiers and families were left behind.  Never known for having large families, those few have not grown in numbers, but have made a home and made themselves useful in what might be the last human city.

Either Mountain Dwarves or Hill Dwarves might live in Canternavon and become members of the Royal Explorers.  They do not refer to themselves as such and call their people the Urdrun (Ur-droon).


Being one of the forgotten enemies of the Calidor people, there are no elves that live in Canternavon.  Calidorn's have an instinctive fear of those of Fey ancestry and claim the Faerie people steal human children and bring Blight to crops.


That being said, there is enough bloodlines with Canternavon that are Fey-Blooded — with elven features that skip generations and emerge in others — contributing to the tales of Changeling children.  The fear of Fey usually lends itself to an unhappy life for these poor children, as it is quite difficult for them to prove they can contribute when suspicion follows them.  While they are a small population, they are over-represented in prisons as well as victims of violence and suicide.


Halflings are called Wee Folk by their larger neighbours, but call themselves Wayfolk.  Once a traveling people, some families found themselves in Canternavon and were unable to depart as doom set in across the land.  Most live in dense neighbourhoods of extended families though few try to blend in with the tall folk.


Few believe that dragons exist, let alone human shaped dragons.


Gnomes with face the same fear and suspicion as other few, unless they could pass as Halflings.


There is not a specific orc race in this world, but many varieties of green skinned savages that Calidorns call Goblins.  While it is possible during The War or some ancient Crusade that goblins and humans had offspring — none survive in modern Canternavon.


Called Blight-Touched by Calidorns, there are those who are born with or who develop oddities of the body such as barbs of black bone or horn that poke from skin.  Teeth, eyes, or tails develop where none should be.  Misshapen feet.  Discoloration of skin or eyes.

Even more so than Half Elves, Blight-Touched are despised and often attacked as sources of the plague that threatens crops, live stock, and people.  It is rare for them to survive into adulthood without becoming bitter with a system and people that works against them.  Still, there are family members who shelter and protect their Blight-Touched children, and many think there may be a cure.

For game purposes, Blight Touched are born to humans and identical to Tieflings except they are resistant to necrotic damage and their Hellish Rebuke appears as a cloud of black tendrils that causes necrotic damage instead of fire damage.  You do not gain Infernal as a starting language but instead get a bonus language of your choice.

AASIMAR:  If you choose this race, chances are you are the only one of your kind in the city.  Somewhere in your ancestry angelic Arkyrie blood mingled with human.  Your heritage does not change you in obvious ways, but your skin may seem to shine or your eyes may flash with light when you experience strong emotions.

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