All that remains of the nation of Calidor is the besieged city, Canternavon.  Concentric walls defend the citizenry, with ample farmland within.  The Citadel is at the peak of the city, with the College of War and Temple of Perun just below.

A globe of fire hangs in the sky, burning day and night — a Blessing from Perun — god of Fire and Truth.  The light of this miniature sun, along with marvels of engineering and irrigation, allow for year round harvesting of food for the populace.  Nearly every surface is allocated to food growth, with fruiting trees lining the streets, rooftop gardens, and vertical farming on towers and ramparts.

Calidor is a nation of knights, soldiers, battle mages, and war priests.  All of its citizenry; men, women, and children; contribute to the defense of the nation in some way.  For longer than recorded history, they been fighting what the elders call The Great War.  To combat the loss of life that led to the entire population retreating into The City, a large Golem Army was created.


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